IKAN User Profile: Angie Keiser, Florida

Angie Keiser is a delightful woman who is 65-years-young and also a friend & fellow Central Florida Quad Squad member. Angie is actually a paraplegic, and has taken a challenge that many younger paraplegics have yet to attempt, and that is to try dynamic bowling with a manual wheelchair. Dynamic bowling uses the movement of […]

New Record for a Male with Muscular Dystrophy!

At Quad Squad bowling this month, 16 year old Alex McDonald set–and reset–the record for power wheelchair bowling by a male with Muscular Dystrophy! Since I’m going to post the verified scoresheet, I have to "explain" Alex’s first game… warm up! Typically speaking, the first few strike attempts and spare attempts, it is a "feeling […]

Smother Movie on TV

The movie Smother, a comedy & drama starring Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler, is on TV nationwide in the U.S. five times in the next week.  Why am I mentioning it on my blog? Our IKAN Bowler was selected as a product to be used in the movie.  It has a brief appearance, and a […]

Belated Thanksgiving Thoughts…

Hello Everyone!  🙂   In the spirit of empowering people and wheelchair users, I want to quickly share my philosophy on "worrying" and also share a few simple things that anyone with a computer & Internet connection can do to make the world a little bit better.   Philosophy on Worrying   You may have […]

Quadriplegic Graduates with 4.0

The purpose of my blog is to show how wheelchair users, especially power wheelchair users, can be and are being empowered — mostly through sport (bowling and power soccer).  But perhaps the MOST empowering activity one can do is to increase his/her education.  Increasing one’s education is arguably more important for someone with a significant […]

IKAN User Profile: Vicki Price, Minnesota

Vicki Price is an active high school student in Minnesota, and happens to have Cerebral Palsy (the type of CP that necessitates wheelchair use, similar to what Melissa Sino has, who I profiled with my previous blog entry). According to her father Scott, Vicki LOVES to bowl. She also loves horses, computer and board games, […]

IKAN User Profile: Melissa Sino, Florida

My friend Melissa Sino is currently setting the bowling-pace for power wheelchair users with Cerebral Palsy. Her high score (see below) is tops in both the Cerebral Palsy category and the "head control" driving method category. I have to explain Melissa’s comment after stating her high score below… since technically I’m the co-inventor of the […]

Working 2 Walk — How To Help

This blog is aimed at spreading awareness about how people with high level paralysis can experience — and are experiencing — a better quality of life, primarily through the fun, social, and competitive aspects that participating in a sport can provide.  Bowling and/or playing power soccer can improve life now — but, longterm… we still […]

Smother Movie Trailer (Has IKAN Bowler in It)

Hi all!   I still don’t know when the movie Smother will be released in theaters, or if it will go straight to video, but below is the trailer (movie preview) for it. With Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler (two of Hollywood’s A-list in my opinion) I would think it would be released in theaters. […]

IKAN User Profile: Jeff Parker, Florida

My buddy, and fellow Central Florida Quad Squad Bowler, Jeff Parker is this month’s profile.  Bowling wise, Jeff sets the pace for bowlers with Muscular Dystrophy; his high score (mentioned with his below profile) is the current record for bowlers with MD.  Jeff has a zest for life; he loves having fun and loves watching […]