IKAN User Profile: Jon Musgrave, Colorado

I’ve mentioned Jon Musgrave in some previous blog entries. Jon is the world record holder for bowling by a quadriplegic/power wheelchair user. When he got an IKAN Bowler, he bowled 3-5 days per week for more than a year, and wrote: "Who could have thought that one thing could change a person’s life so much. […]

IKAN User Profile: Bill Miller, Florida

Most of the previous blog entries were to set the foundation with all the background info about power wheelchair bowling, power soccer, and how our products can empower wheelchair users (scroll down or click HERE for Five Key Things to Know). Now I want to start profiling people who think life is better as an […]

The Quad Squad…

The Quad Squad refers to a group of friends with varying levels and types of quadriplegia (a quadriplegic is broadly defined as someone with impairment in all four limbs and can result from spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, and other conditions).   We have a Central Florida Quad Squad group that goes bowling […]

Five Things to Know about Power Wheelchair Bowling! :)

  #1. Virtually ALL power wheelchair users can use an IKAN Bowler for real, dynamic bowling. (Wheelchair users, IKAN? Yes You Can!:)   How can virtually all wheelchair users bowl? The IKAN Bowler attaches to the user’s wheelchair, and is designed so that anyone who can safely drive their chair, can bowl.  It’s basically a […]

Two Videos and a Slideshow on Power Wheelchair Bowling! :-)

Greetings! 🙂   At the links below are videos showing two different Quad Squad Bowling outings, one of which is accompanied by a picture slideshow.  We currently have about 8 Central Florida Quad Squad members who get together and bowl generally twice a month (contact me for more info if you want to check us […]

Smother Movie Uses IKAN Bowler®!

(If you have no idea what the IKAN Bowler is, please see the intro to this blog, scroll way down or click HERE!:)…   Here are three pictures from the movie Smother, which is set to be released in late 2007.  Smother stars two from Hollywood’s A-list, Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler, and an up-and-coming actor, […]

Ikan PRICE BREAK — MUST Read! :-)

If you read the introduction to this blog (please do if you haven’t, scroll down or click HERE🙂 I promised user profiles and news items about how we’re getting power wheelchair users back in the game of life. We’re trying to get the word out on our products every way possible. We also have a […]

Introduction — emPOWERing Wheelchair Users! :-)

Welcome to my blog! 🙂   I’ll cut to the chase — this blog will illuminate how power wheelchair users are getting back in the game of life.   I’m one such power wheelchair user.   My name is Bill Miller; I’m a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury incurred August 23rd, 1997. […]