New Website for Wheelchair Bowling Records!

The IKAN ("I can") Bowler can enable virtually any wheelchair user to bowl dynamically (involving the movement of the wheelchair; not stationary ramp bowling) and the sport of dynamic wheelchair bowling is legitimate, says the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).  The USBC sanctioned the IKAN Bowler® for league and tournament play — any league or […]

Keys and Tips for Dynamic Wheelchair Bowling

Dynamic wheelchair bowling is the sport that was created by the development of the IKAN (“I can”) Bowler. The bowling is “dynamic” because it incorporates the movement of the wheelchair. The bowling process with an IKAN Bowler is basically the same as what able-bodied bowlers perform: setup for the shot, then physically approach the foul […]

Smother Movie on TV

The movie Smother, a comedy & drama starring Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler, is on TV nationwide in the U.S. five times in the next week.  Why am I mentioning it on my blog? Our IKAN Bowler was selected as a product to be used in the movie.  It has a brief appearance, and a […]

Smother Movie Trailer (Has IKAN Bowler in It)

Hi all!   I still don’t know when the movie Smother will be released in theaters, or if it will go straight to video, but below is the trailer (movie preview) for it. With Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler (two of Hollywood’s A-list in my opinion) I would think it would be released in theaters. […]

IKAN User Profile: Jeff Parker, Florida

My buddy, and fellow Central Florida Quad Squad Bowler, Jeff Parker is this month’s profile.  Bowling wise, Jeff sets the pace for bowlers with Muscular Dystrophy; his high score (mentioned with his below profile) is the current record for bowlers with MD.  Jeff has a zest for life; he loves having fun and loves watching […]

Two Videos and a Slideshow on Power Wheelchair Bowling! :-)

Greetings! 🙂   At the links below are videos showing two different Quad Squad Bowling outings, one of which is accompanied by a picture slideshow.  We currently have about 8 Central Florida Quad Squad members who get together and bowl generally twice a month (contact me for more info if you want to check us […]

Smother Movie Uses IKAN Bowler®!

(If you have no idea what the IKAN Bowler is, please see the intro to this blog, scroll way down or click HERE!:)…   Here are three pictures from the movie Smother, which is set to be released in late 2007.  Smother stars two from Hollywood’s A-list, Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler, and an up-and-coming actor, […]