A New Record and the Real Meaning of Handicap Zero

Bill Miller’s 223 and 12th 200 Game — and 564 Series At Quad Squad Bowling recently, I bowled my top score ever — a 223 — and my second best series of three games — a 564.  Did you know that I’m paralyzed from my neck down and ventilator dependent?  And my that score is […]

Quad Squad Bowling

Our “Quad Squad” is a group of mostly power wheelchair users who get together in Central Florida and bowl (usually twice a month) using the IKAN Bowler.  (The IKAN Bowler is an empowerment device that attaches to the front of almost any wheelchair — it’s fun, therapeutic, and legit: www.ikanbowler.com.) We usually have between 3-5 […]

Civitan Clubs Use IKAN Bowler to Help People with Disabilities

The Mission Statement for Civitan International is: “To build good citizenship by providing a volunteer organization of clubs dedicated to serving individual and community needs with an emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities.” Source: http://www.civitan.com/template.php?t=sr&id=101 Civitan members in Louisiana were excited to learn about the IKAN Bowler and how it can empower wheelchair users […]

What’s Coming in 2011

The two main things I want to profile on my blog in 2011 are: (1) IKAN User profiles from people around the U.S. and World, and (2) further chronicles of my pursuit of the Diaphragm Pacing System (DPS). Wheelchair users around the U.S. and also some abroad, mostly in Europe, are enjoying dynamic bowling with […]

Vent-Dependent Quadriplegic Bowls 10th 200+ Game

I, Bill Miller, am paralyzed from my neck down and ventilator-dependent, yet I recently bowled my 10th legitimate game of 200 or better.  I state that not to brag, but to help drive home the point that ANY WHEELCHAIR USER — who can safely operate his/her wheelchair — CAN BOWL in dynamic fashion with the […]

Update to Keys and Tips for DWB

I added some info to my previous blog entry (Keys & Tips for Dynamic Wheelchair Bowling) but since it’s so long, I thought I should post the new info here for anyone who read that previously.   In this blog entry, I elaborate on:   • CHAIR IN (AT LEAST) DECENT DRIVING CONDITION • STOPPING […]

IKAN User Profile: Angie Keiser, Florida

Angie Keiser is a delightful woman who is 65-years-young and also a friend & fellow Central Florida Quad Squad member. Angie is actually a paraplegic, and has taken a challenge that many younger paraplegics have yet to attempt, and that is to try dynamic bowling with a manual wheelchair. Dynamic bowling uses the movement of […]

IKAN User Profile: Jon Musgrave, Colorado

I’ve mentioned Jon Musgrave in some previous blog entries. Jon is the world record holder for bowling by a quadriplegic/power wheelchair user. When he got an IKAN Bowler, he bowled 3-5 days per week for more than a year, and wrote: "Who could have thought that one thing could change a person’s life so much. […]

Five Things to Know about Power Wheelchair Bowling! :)

  #1. Virtually ALL power wheelchair users can use an IKAN Bowler for real, dynamic bowling. (Wheelchair users, IKAN? Yes You Can!:)   How can virtually all wheelchair users bowl? The IKAN Bowler attaches to the user’s wheelchair, and is designed so that anyone who can safely drive their chair, can bowl.  It’s basically a […]