Article on Our Bowl-A-Thon Efforts

Rhonda’s bowl-a-thon is in eight days and we are trying to spread awareness and gain additional participants and/or sponsors. Yesterday, the Orlando Sentinel published an article. The online version apparently was much shorter than the printed version in the newspaper? I only saw the online version, which is here:,0,2854880.story If that link stops working, […]

Blessings and a Bowl-A-Thon

Below is the body of an email that I wrote to share with family and friends on Thanksgiving. If you read my blog or are friends with me on Facebook, and would like to be on my master email list to which I send occasional updates and things I feel are important, just let me […]

Lilian Strandlund’s IKAN Bowler® Testimonial

My friend Lilian Strandlund is a delightful woman with cerebral palsy who is 64 years young. About five years ago, she met my Dad, Jim Miller, at a Toastmasters speaking group. Lilian uses a power wheelchair due to her CP, which also affects her speech – yet that didn’t stop her from joining Toastmasters and […]

7 IKAN Bowler Users and a 23rd 200+ Game

At our central Florida Quad Squad outing on Saturday, September 14th, we had seven different power wheelchair users bowl with an IKAN Bowler.  The reasons for wheelchair use among the seven people include cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, and spina bifida.  We also have had people with muscular dystrophy in our group, but not on […]

Victoria Conrad, Succeeding Despite CP

My blog is about empowering wheelchair users… empowering my fellow wheelchair users to seek to improve some aspect of their life, or even their mindset.  A stereotype about us wheelchair users is that for some or many of us, life is a spectator sport.  And that needn’t be. Properly enabled and empowered, the sky is […]

Donations Matched at Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

– Donation-Matching Deadline Extended until November 15th – This blog is about empowering wheelchair users, and one non-profit organization striving to do so is the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation (CDRF).  They use donations to fund both quality-of-life grants and “cure” research. Until midnight on November 15th, all donations are being matched dollar-for-dollar — with […]

New Record for a Female Using Sip-and-Puff

My friend and fellow Quad Squad member Rhonda Reese set a new record for dynamic-style wheelchair bowling by a female driving her wheelchair by sip-and-puff. Rhonda bowled a very impressive 195 — beating her previous best by whopping 25 pins! Rhonda & I have been friends since long before the IKAN Bowler was invented, and […]

Records Set for Males Driving by Head Array Control

Brian Keefer’s 159 Sets the Pace for Males Driving by Head Array Control If the name Brian Keefer sounds familiar, then perhaps you’re a fan of the TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  The Keefer family was featured on the show on October 21st, 2011. I wrote about it at this blog entry. Anyway, Brian […]

C1-2 Quadriplegic Is Engaged!

The purpose of this blog is to encourage and empower wheelchair users, which I primarily try to do by showing what is possible when people get involved with a fun, social, recreational sport like bowling.  The benefits of having success bowling can give the user confidence that can carry over to positively impact other areas […]

A New Record for People Who Use Sip-and-Puff Wheelchairs

Bill Miller’s 224 and 15th 200 Game — and 585 Series At our Central Florida Quad Squad Bowling outing on January 28th, I bowled my highest score to date — a 224 — which is a new record for wheelchair users who operate their chairs by sip-and-puff (mouth control). I also bowled my highest series […]