The IKAN Bowler® is great for having fun with family and friends, and can even be used in competition against fellow IKAN Users or able-bodied folks. It is sanctioned by the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) for league and tournament play – even in mixed competition with able-bodied bowlers.Two ways to both have fun and compete are:

IKAN Have Fun Bowling League (Online) – bowl locally at your convenience – compete worldwide! In January 2017, we began our first league! We intend to have quarterly, flexible, year-round leagues where users can compete in three month increments. Wheelchair users and able-bodied folks bowling with us can compete for free, for fun, and for the fellowship of belonging to a group. Click HERE for more!

World Records – IKAN Bowler® co-inventor Bill Miller created a website to track world records for the spectrum of wheelchair users: by reason for wheelchair use, by chair operation method, and male/female records for each category. Click HERE to open the wheelchair bowling records website!

With the IKAN Bowler®… Yes You Can! 🙂