Easy ways to read or listen to the Bible for free online

For Jews, Christians, or people who are curious, the best selling book of all time – the Bible – is available online for free, and daily reading plans make it easy to consume over the course of a year or less.

This link shows the many different reading plans available at the website from which I read daily: https://www.biblegateway.com/reading-plans/

Once a plan is chosen, you also have the option of listening to any passage being read aloud by simply clicking the speaker/audio icon above the passage.

Also, if you would like some additional context for the different books of the Bible, my buddy Joel has a Bible that describes each book contained within, and he typed up the descriptions and said feel free to share.

Even though I have already completed several reading plans in recent years, when beginning a new book of the Bible, I open up the file Joel typed and refresh my memory about the author and the context of the book. Here is the file (you can download it from my website): http://lookmomnohands.net/objects/Bible_Book_Descriptions.pdf

For anyone hesitant to read the Bible because you do not think you will fully understand its contents… that’s okay. I’ve completed multiple reading plans, and I don’t understand everything. I believe the Bible actually says we are not likely to understand everything. And we do not have to.

I read the Bible daily to both pay my respects to and feel closer to God and Jesus, before saying my daily prayers.

May God bless us all!

Bill 🙂

William A. Miller, BSBA, ME
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